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Trees for Zone 8

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Buying and planting trees require a minimal investment of money and time compared to the many benefits you will receive in return. Trees add value and beauty to property, help lower utility bills when strategically planted for shade and windbreaks, and provide children and pets a fun place to play in and under. Before planting trees in your landscape, consider what benefits you want to derive. Different varieties offer different benefits, as these popular types:

Trees for Zone 8 has several different types of trees

Shade Trees 

These trees are planted primarily for their shade-giving interests and can pleasure for decades (perhaps centuries). Shade trees help lower energy usage during the summertime by keeping a home cooler, so less air conditioning is needed. Most of these tree varieties grow slow and are deciduous (lose their leaves in the fall), but certain types of evergreens can also provide a location with the desired respite from the sun's rays.

Red Maple Trees 

Color is what this tall, sturdy tree brings into a landscape. The new leaf growth in the spring has red edges, and in the fall, the maple leaves will turn a brilliant red before dropping to the ground. The red maple can grow up to 60 feet in height and need plenty of horizontal space to grow out into as well. Red maple trees are hardy and will spread out to fill up to about a 40 feet space.

Oak Trees 

The mighty oak tree is so-called for a good reason; it grows strong, sturdy, and reaches majestic heights while providing shade and acorns for wildlife. Oak Trees are classified as hardwood. Oak trees are very resistant to diseases and pests and will last for decades in a landscape. The only downside to growing in a landscape is many acorns that drop to the ground during the early fall. Each acorn contains the seed for a new oak tree, and it will quickly sprout, take root and grow unless the acorns are removed from the landscape. Deer and other wildlife love to eat the tasty acorns, so oak trees are an excellent choice to plant at the perimeters of wooded areas.

Trees for Zone 8 are excellent shade and flowering trees.

Flowering Trees 

Dogwoods, ornamental cherry, plum, pear, crabapple, and tulip poplar are just the names of a few flowering trees that will add color, fragrance, and beauty to a landscape. Flowering trees come in various heights, ranging from a manicured 6-foot tall ornamental fruit tree to a 60-foot tall tulip poplar. Bloom colors span the color gamut, and most will produce a heady fragrance when in full bloom during the year's spring.

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