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Evergreen Trees

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Evergreen Tree Uses and Advantages 

Evergreens stay lush and green year round, as opposed to deciduous trees that shed their leaves during winter or in the dry season. They have a unique characteristic; they do not shed all their foliage at the same time. When the old foliages drops, new ones grow back to replace the old ones. Most of these trees are coniferous; evergreen conifers have cones rather than leaves or needles. Examples of the trees include false cypress, red cedar, arborvitae, spruce and hemlock. The evergreen properties of the trees have numerous benefits.


 Evergreen trees such as Magnolia grandiflora, “Exmouth” and Magnolia grandiflora “St Marys” are excellent for screening purposes


When planted, these trees can serve to enhance the view of a place or create privacy for the inhabitants. The ever-present foliage blocks the view of pedestrians or traffic, when placed outside residences or offices. In addition, their leaves and branches control or block out noise from the outside, serving to create a serene environment. 

 A row of these types of trees is useful in blocking wind, snow, dust or salt. In residential areas, these trees should be planted on the side that experiences the strongest wind effects. This increases their effect as windbreakers. Evergreens planted along the road prevent snow and salt from piling on the road. This reduces risks of slippery roads and maintenance costs, such as snowplowing.

 Evergreen conifers are easy to maintain. The cones and needles present in some of them prevent destruction by herbivores. The growth of new foliage all year round assists the trees to conserve energy and nutrients. This is beneficial in areas where the nutrients present in the soil are minimal. The trees provide their own mulch when they shed their leaves and reduce costs required for fertilizers. The cones and needles also increase the pest-resistance nature of the trees. 

 Evergreens have many uses and benefits. They stay green all year round and are beneficial for screening purposes. The foliage in the tress serves to create privacy, enhance a view and minimize the noise, snow, salt and wind effect. This reduces costs incurred from damage caused by these weather elements. Evergreen trees are also easy to maintain; they incur low maintenance costs owing to their increased resistance to pests and other animals.

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